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A2A Director Team 2012 copy 300x225L-R The A2A Director Team: Julie, David, Sue and Elaine

The Director team for Awakening to Animals initially formed back in 2010, after Elaine and Julie met up for the first time to talk about their shared passion, animals and communicating with them.  Having chatted for a good few hours they realised that they had both been receiving guidance to create an animal communication conference!  This set the wheels in motion and Awakening to Animals was born!  Sue naturally became the third member of the team and they set about creating the whole 2012 Inaugural Conference in less than 6 months, start to finish.  In fact tickets didn’t become available until three months before the event itself! It was a miracle, yet they all knew it was meant to be and held their faith.  The fourth and final Director, David, began his work with Awakening to Animals as the conference composer and musician but very quickly became invaluable in many others areas of expertise!  Meeting mainly via the wonders of Skype (and the now infamous “Skypingowns” donned), Sue and Elaine, Julie and David are continuing to develop and grow this amazing and important conference, with the 2013 tickets due to become available in October 2012.  Here is a little bit more about each of our Director team.

web Apache5 300x200Julie Lines founded Voice of the Animals and is one of the UK’s most respected animal communicators.  Julie published her first book on the 21/12/12 called “The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond”. She is also a co-founder of the Awakening to Animals International Conferences.  Julie is deeply committed to raising awareness about the importance of animals/all life and how their teachings can greatly assist humanities evolution, for the good of all.

She spent many years, of her former career, traveling the world as a recognised expert in the field of leadership and personal development in the corporate world. These combined skills and experience gives Julie a unique ability to faithfully translate messages from the animals whilst also being able to guide you to in making transpersonal leaps in your own evolution. Julie is also currently training as a student of The Healing Trust, is attuned to level 2 Reiki and is a student Zero Balancing Practitioner, she is developing her skills as a new healer so that she can share more of the animals wisdom and knowing around the area of rebalancing.

Her services include; Educational Conferences, Playshops, Animal Centric Personal Develoment Retreats, One to One Consultations as well as writing and co-creating books, including The Purpose of Species.  Learn more about Julie and the service she offers at

Elaine and Sue with Benson Rupert and Tilly 300x188Working together, Elaine Downs and Sue Reid, Co-Founders of “Animal Matters” and both co-founders of the Awakening to Animals Conferences, have developed the reputation as 2 of the UK’s leading authorities in animal healing and communication.

Their expertise has been featured across a number of high profile mediums over the years including appearances on BBC 2’s ‘Pets Are People’, interviews on Steve Wright’s hugely popular BBC Radio 2 afternoon show and on BBC 5 Live as well as articles by The Daily Mirror and The Daily Express.

Sue had her first, life-changing, experience of animal communication in 1996. She qualified as a dog trainer in 2002, and went on to become a powerful healer in many modalities including; Reiki Master, Animal Flower Essence Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique and Emotrance Practitioner, Certified Bodytalk Practitioner and Meridian Therapist Trainer.

Elaine’s journey began somewhat differently, via a communication years ago with one of her dogs (at a time when her career was specializing in law!). Since that day, she has embraced her animal communication gift and has also gone on to become a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Emotional Freedom Technique and Emotrance Practitioner and a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner.

Having all of these abilities at their disposal, Elaine and Sue’s approach is a truly special one that, not only helps you to understand and connect to the animal kingdom, but also helps you to free mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues for yourself and your animals.  Learn more about Elaine and Sue at

Smiling  300x199David William Bell has recently become the fourth Director of Awakening to Animals. Born into a rich musical heritage, David’s first career was as a renowned international singer, musician and composer, performing at some of the leading venues and events in the world including The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Aged 24, he then entered the business world and over a 12 year period became an influential change leader, the highlight of which was becoming a Director at the consulting firm of leadership guru Dr Stephen R Covey (author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’) where he worked in partnership with some of the biggest brands, most innovative companies and most dynamic leaders in the world. He then went on to set up his own consulting firm, creating the acclaimed change cycle ‘The Organisational Orchestra’ helping people, teams and companies worldwide to embrace change.

Throughout his business career, David continued composing and performing professionally for many diverse projects across film, TV and digital media as well as having his debut album, Messages, released on iTunes earlier this year. When the opportunity to create a score for such a meaningful project as the Awakening To Animals conference came along, he grabbed it and has since gone on to become our fourth Director, adding his significant musical, business and leadership skills to the team.

The team have also set out a document that outlines the Vision, Values and Mission of Awakening to Animals, which they do their utmost to be guided by in all their actions.  If you would like to read this please visit the Vision page